Monday, February 22, 2010

Ask Farmer Jones

How many Christmas trees do you have? Where do all those pumpkins grow? How long has the family been living in Shelton? What's the recipe for those chocolate-chip cranberry cookies at Christmas time? Who does the designs for the wine labels?

Questions we get all the time. But, what about YOU? Do you have a question you'd like Farmer Jones to answer? Well, now's your time to ask!

As the farm prepares to SPRING into action, Farmer Jones will take some time out, from time to time, to answer YOUR questions right here on the Jones Farmer Blog!

So, ask away! You can email your questions to and then keep checking back here at the blog to see when Farmer Jones submits his answers!

Note that only questions for the Farmer Jones blog will be answered. This email is not for contacting the farm.

Enjoy Spring!

-Farmer Keith


  1. What are some of the more interesting wildlife seen on the farm? I heard you had an albino deer up there awhile back.

  2. Hi Teresa!

    We often see deer, turkeys, hawks, and many other animals. Several years ago some workers spotted a "white stag" but it hasn't been seen since.

    Thanks for asking!


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